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News & Upcoming Events

Molly Shoichet Wins the 2015 Fleming Medal & Citation

molly shoichetThe Royal Canadian Institute for Science recently announced Molly Shoichet (ChemE, IBBME) of the University of Toronto as the 2015 Winner of the Fleming Medal & Citation for outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science. This is awarded yearly to a Canadian citizen. The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Vice Partron of the Royal Canadian Institute, will present the medal to Shoichet on Monday, November 16 at 7pm during a public ceremony at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Auditorium (located at 252 Bloor St W). Directly after the medal presentation, Shoichet will share how she is using an innovative media campaign to engage Canadians in science. Read more about Shoichet's contributions to the field.

Update on Grand Challenges Project "Mother's Milk"

scott geninIn Bangladesh, where child under-nutrition is a major problem, a new solution is being offered to help mothers working in garment factories to feed their babies breast milk for longer thanks to the Grand Challenges project “Mother’s Milk.” This project found its roots here at U of T from a course offered through the Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN) and involves Scott Genin, a PhD candidate from ChemE. Read more about the project's progress.

Interdisciplinary Candidate Seminars

On Thursday, November 19 in WB130 starting at 10:10am, Dr. Erin Bobicki from Intel Corporation will present Microwave Pre-Treatment of Ultramafic Nickel Ores for Improved Mineral Processing and Carbon Sequestration.

On Friday, November 27 from 10-11am in WB215, Dr. Poupak Mehrani from the University of Ottawa will present Applications of Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds in Polymerization and Clean Energy Processes.

MUST 2015 on Fri, Nov 20

Come and witness the ingenuity of the vibrant research community right here at the University of Toronto on Friday, November 20 from 2:30-5pm! As a joint collaboration between GSU and UTCSSA, Most Understandable Scientist (MUST) is an annual presentation competition showcasing the original research of students who are nonnative speakers here at the Univeristy of Toronto. This year, 16 selected contestants, spanning over 14 different disciplines, will present their research topics in the most understandable way possible. Guests and judges include will include representatives from CIE, OISE and SGS. There will be door prizes and light refreshments will be provided at the after party. For more details and to register for free, click here.

Ashoka Change Leaders Forum: The Future of Talent

sandra odedahlOn Monday, November 23 at 6pm at the Glenn Gould Studio, exchange ideas, and inspire concrete solutions on how to equip leaders to address emerging challenges. Hear from a roster of world-class speakers (including alumna Sandra Odendahl, RBC's Director of Social Innovation and Integration) whose solutions address large-scale social problems in collaboration with business, public and citizen sectors. Networking reception to follow. Click here for more info. 

U of T Makes Top 100 List Again

The University has once again made the Top 100 Employers List.


November 13, 2015

Volume 32, Issue 43

In this issue:

Grad Office
Research Publications


Grad Office


How to Become an Outstanding Student Seminar Fall 2015

Presenter: Michael Sefton
Time and location: Wednesday, December 2 (regular time slot: 12:30pm) in WB116
Subject: Hypothesis formulation and testing

SGS Sessional Dates and Deadlines

Visit the SGS website for important dates and deadlines.

NSERC CGSM 2016-17

Student deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Graduate unit deadline to SGS: Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Value/duration: $17,500 for one year
Level of study: To support Master’s or, in some cases, doctoral programs in Canada
Required legal status: Domestic students (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
Results: Week of April 1, 2016 via Research Portal

Question for CGSM NSERC please contact Kelly Nolan (kelly.nolan@utoronto.ca). Please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca) for questions regarding CGSM CIHR.

2016-2017 Autism Scholars Award

Student Deadline to SGS: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Value/Duration: Master’s - $18,000; Doctoral - $20,000
Level of Study: Master’s or Doctoral
Required Legal Status: Domestic (Canadian citizens or permanent residents)
Results: April 2016 by agency

Questions for Autism Scholars Award please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca).

2016-2017 Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award

Student Deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Value/Duration: Master’s - $25,000 plus $1,000 research allowance; Doctoral - $35,000 plus $2,000 research allowance; Postdoctoral - $50,000 plus $5,000 research allowance
Level of Study: Master’s, Doctoral or Postdoctoral
Required Legal Status: Domestic (Canadian citizens or permanent residents)
Results: April 2016 by agency

Applicants must submit their application to the CHE Graduate Office (WB212) by 5pm on December 1. Questions for Autism Scholars Award please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca)

2016-2017 Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowships

Student Submission Deadline to SGS: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Value/Duration: $4,000 USD
Level of study: Master’s and Doctoral
Required Legal Status: International (Citizens of Canada and the United States are ineligible)
Results: Summer 2016 by agency

Each applicant must apply to the SGS Graduate Awards Office by 4pm on December 1. Any questions? Contact SGS Graduate Awards by emailing graduate.awards@utoronto.ca or calling 416-946-0808.

2016 John Charles Polanyi Prizes

Award Overview

Applicant Deadline to Graduate Unit: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Graduate Unit Deadline to SGS: Monday, December 7, 2015
Value/Duration: $20,000
Level of Study: Postdoctoral or has faculty appointment
Required Legal Status: Ontario resident
Results: November 2016 by agency

Click here for details.

*Applicants are to submit their application to CHE graduate office WB212.


Research Publications


The use of sugarcane bagasse fibres as reinforcements in composites
Hajiha, H., Sain, M.
Biofiber Reinforcements in Composite Materials 2015, pp.525-549.

The use of ramie fibers as reinforcements in composites
Du, Y., Yan, N., Kortschot, M.T.
Biofiber Reinforcements in Composite Materials 2015, pp. 104 - 137.

The use of wheat straw fibres as reinforcements in composites
Panthapulakkal, S., Sain, M.
Biofiber Reinforcements in Composite Materials 2014, pp. 423 - 453.

Effect of chemical components in white liquor on carbon activation
Namazi, A.B., Allen, D.G., Jia, C.Q.
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 2015, 93 ( 10 ) pp. 1705 - 1712.

Qualitative time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of root dentin irrigated with sodium hypochlorite, EDTA, or chlorhexidine
Kolosowski, K.P., Sodhi, R.N.S., Kishen, A., Basrani, B.R.
Journal of Endodontics 2015 , 41 ( 10 ) pp. 1672 - 1677.



Click here for the Chem Eng Calendar


Wednesday, November 18 - LLE, Engineering Fracking Fluids with Computer Simulation, Eric Stefan Shaqfeh, Stanford University, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, November 25 - LLE, Molecular Bioinspiration and Interfaces, Markus Linder, Aalto University, Finland, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Thursday, November 26 - Scholars & Leaders Reception, 6-8pm, Massey College

Friday, November 27 - Chem Club Dinner and Dance, 6-10pm, Atlantis (955 Lakeshore Blvd W)

Wednesday, December 9 - LLE, Aggregation-Induced Emission: Together We Shine, Ben-Zhong Tang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - LLE, Research in an Industrial Catalysis World: A Lifelong Adventure, Stuart Soled, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co., 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - LLE, Bioconversion of Methane by Aerobic Methanotrophic Bacteria, Mary Lidstrom, University of Washington, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - LLE, 2015 AEESP Distinguished Lecturer, The Interplay Between Chemicals and Microbiomes; An Environmental Biotechnology Perspective, Nancy Love, University of Michigan, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - LLE, Making the Environment Part of the Next Generation of Urban Water Infrastructure, David Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - LLE, Thermodynamics in Cryobiology: How Math Can Save Knees, Janet Elliott, University of Alberta, 12:30-2pm, WB116


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