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Wallberg Building Haunted

According to U of T Magazine, the Wallberg Building is one of many haunted buildings on campus. Here is one incident that occurred not too long ago:

As a first-year engineering student, Leo Comitale (ChemE 9T7) was working with a peer on an electronics assignment in an old lab in the Wallberg Building. They were stumped when they noticed a man standing nearby they didn’t recognize. "He asked us what was wrong, and we told him we didn’t know. We had built the circuit exactly as described, but it was not behaving as expected," says Comitale. The mysterious man told the students to double-check their wires. When they did, they found one was broken. They replaced it and completed the assignment. When they turned to thank the man, he was no longer there. "No one else could remember seeing anyone who matched his description. Neither of us saw this man again during our time at the university," says Comitale.

Read more about other haunted buildings.

Celebrate an Early Halloween with CEGSA

Tonight from 5-6pm in WB247, CEGSA will be hosting a Halloween bash. Bring a carved pumpkin and you'll be entered into the pumpkin carving competition. CEGSA will reimburse you for the purchase of your pumpkin if you bring your receipt. The winner of the competition will receive a gift certificate. Come in your best costume and you'll be entered into the costume contest (group entries accepted). The best costume (or group costume) will receive a gift certificate. In addition to the competitions, there will be tons of treats, pizza and soda. An after party will be hosted at O'Grady's starting at 6:30pm.

PDF Opening at Carleton University

Professor Ron Miller with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University is looking for a PDF with a chemical engineering background. The term of the position is for two years. Learn more about the opportunity.

Reminder: SOCAAR Seminar Series on Wed, Nov 4

On Wednesday, November 4 from 3-4pm in WB407, Julia Burkart (PDF) and Megan Willis (PhD student) from U of T's Department of Chemistry will present, Exploring the Connections Between Aerosols and Clouds in the High Artic Summer.

Reminder: Special Seminar on Wed, Nov 4

On Wednesday, November 4 from 12:30-2pm in WB116, Michael C. Kavanaugh, Principal at Geosyntec Consultants Inc., will be giving a special seminar entitled, The Legacy Site Challenge: Getting to Closure, which provides an overview of the legacy site challenge, primarily focused on the US experience, and discuss lessons learned in the pursuit of legacy site restoration that may be of value to other nations in earlier stages of industrial development.

REMINDER: WHMIS Refresher on Thu, Nov 5

Our Annual WHMIS refresher session will be held on Thursday, November 5 from 12-1pm in SF-1105. Only one in-person session will be held. Doors will be locked once the session begins at 12:10pm. No exceptions. So please be prompt.


October 30, 2015

Volume 32, Issue 41

In this issue:

Grad Office
Research Publications


Grad Office


Flexible Futures Grad Week 2015

Curious what path to pursue after completing your master's, PhD or PDF? The possibilities are endless! Explore your options November 2-6 at the Flexible Futures for Graduate Students and PDFs. Read more.

PhD Qualifying Examination - S. Goel

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, November 4 in WB115 at 1pm
Committee: Chair: Prof. Y. Lawryshyn; Supervisor: Prof. A. Ramchandran; Other Member(s): Prof. E. J. Acosta, Prof. D. Sinton (MIE)


Date of Meeting: Thursday, November 5 in WB115 at 2pm
Committee: Chair: Prof. A. Chan; Supervisor(s): Prof. R. Mahadevan, Prof. A. Savchenko; Other Member(s): Prof. A. Yakunin

SGS Sessional Dates and Deadlines

Monday, November 2: Final date to drop Fall session full or half courses without academic penalty.

NSERC CGSM 2016-17

Student deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Graduate unit deadline to SGS: Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Value/duration: $17,500 for one year
Level of study: To support Master’s or, in some cases, doctoral programs in Canada
Required legal status: Domestic students (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
Results: Week of April 1, 2016 via Research Portal

Question for CGSM NSERC please contact Kelly Nolan (kelly.nolan@utoronto.ca). Please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca) for questions regarding CGSM CIHR.

2016-2017 Autism Scholars Award

Student Deadline to SGS: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Value/Duration: Master’s - $18,000; Doctoral - $20,000
Level of Study: Master’s or Doctoral
Required Legal Status: Domestic (Canadian citizens or permanent residents)
Results: April 2016 by agency

Questions for Autism Scholars Award please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca).

2016-2017 Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award

Student Deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Value/Duration: Master’s - $25,000 plus $1,000 research allowance; Doctoral - $35,000 plus $2,000 research allowance; Postdoctoral - $50,000 plus $5,000 research allowance
Level of Study: Master’s, Doctoral or Postdoctoral
Required Legal Status: Domestic (Canadian citizens or permanent residents)
Results: April 2016 by agency

Applicants must submit their application to the CHE Graduate Office (WB212) by 5pm on December 1. Questions for Autism Scholars Award please contact Stacey Kwan (staceym.kwan@utoronto.ca)

2016-2017 Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowships

Student Submission Deadline to SGS: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Value/Duration: $4,000 USD
Level of study: Master’s and Doctoral
Required Legal Status: International (Citizens of Canada and the United States are ineligible)
Results: Summer 2016 by agency

Each applicant must apply to the SGS Graduate Awards Office by 4pm on December 1. Any questions? Contact SGS Graduate Awards by emailing graduate.awards@utoronto.ca or calling 416-946-0808.

2016 John Charles Polanyi Prizes

Award Overview

Applicant Deadline to Graduate Unit: Tuesday, December 1, 2015*
Graduate Unit Deadline to SGS: Monday, December 7, 2015
Value/Duration: $20,000
Level of Study: Postdoctoral or has faculty appointment
Required Legal Status: Ontario resident
Results: November 2016 by agency

Click here for details.

*Applicants are to submit their application to CHE graduate office WB212.


Research Publications


Shape transformations of soft matter governed by bi-axial stresses
Thérien-Aubin, H., Moshe, M., Sharon, E., Kumacheva, E.
Soft Matter 2015, 11 ( 23 ) pp. 4600 - 4605 .

Illuminating CO2 reduction on frustrated Lewis pair surfaces: Investigating the role of surface hydroxides and oxygen vacancies on nanocrystalline In2O3-x(OH)y 
Ghuman, K.K., Wood, T.E., Hoch, L.B., Mims, C.A., Ozin, G.A., Singh, C.V.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  2015, 17 ( 22 ) pp. 14623 - 14635 .

Are global and regional improvements in life expectancy and in child, adult and senior survival slowing?
Hum, R.J., Verguet, S., Cheng, Y.-L., McGahan, A.M., Jha, P.
PLoS ONE 2015, 10 ( 5 ) , art. no. e0124479

A Hyaluronan-Based Injectable Hydrogel Improves the Survival and Integration of Stem Cell Progeny following Transplantation
Ballios, B.G., Cooke, M.J., Donaldson, L., Coles, B.L.K., Morshead, C.M., Van Der Kooy, D., Shoichet, M.S.
Stem Cell Reports 2015, 4 ( 6 ) pp. 1031 - 1045.

Aspects of Changing the Safety Culture in Today's Universities: 2013 Process Safety Management Award, Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering 
Norval, G.W.
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering2015, 93 ( 7 ) pp. 1154 - 1159.



Click here for the Chem Eng Calendar


Wednesday, November 11 - LLE, Open Source Science: A Road to Industry Engagement and Funding, Aled Edwards, University of Toronto, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, November 18 - LLE, Engineering Fracking Fluids with Computer Simulation, Eric Stefan Shaqfeh, Stanford University, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, November 25 - LLE, Molecular Bioinspiration and Interfaces, Markus Linder, Aalto University, Finland, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Thursday, November 26 - Scholars & Leaders Reception, 6-8pm, Massey College

Friday, November 27 - Chem Club Dinner and Dance, 6-10pm, Atlantis (955 Lakeshore Blvd W)

Wednesday, December 9 - LLE, Aggregation-Induced Emission: Together We Shine, Ben-Zhong Tang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - LLE, Research in an Industrial Catalysis World: A Lifelong Adventure, Stuart Soled, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co., 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - LLE, Bioconversion of Methane by Aerobic Methanotrophic Bacteria, Mary Lidstrom, University of Washington, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - LLE, 2015 AEESP Distinguished Lecturer, The Interplay Between Chemicals and Microbiomes; An Environmental Biotechnology Perspective, Nancy Love, University of Michigan, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - LLE, Making the Environment Part of the Next Generation of Urban Water Infrastructure, David Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley, 12:30-2pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - LLE, Thermodynamics in Cryobiology: How Math Can Save Knees, Janet Elliott, University of Alberta, 12:30-2pm, WB116


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