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Convocation on Monday, June 15

This is just a reminder that ChemE's Convocation Ceremony is taking place from 10am to 12pm on Monday, June 15. If you registered for ChemE's academic procession or lunch, please watch out for a detailed reminder from Jen Hsu. She will be emailing you today.

New CAE Fellows

Professors Greg Evans, Vlad Papangelakis and Michael Sefton are among the Canadian Academy of Engineering’s 50 new fellows. Read full story.

Molly Shoichet Symposium on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine

In commemoration of Molly Shoichet's recent rank to University Professor, the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry and Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering hosted the Molly Shoichet Symposium on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine on Thursday, June 4. Read full story. View pictures.

Why Alumni Return for Spring Reunion

On Saturday, May 30, the department hosted its Annual Spring Reunion Lunch and Tour. Despite the rain, many ChemE alumni returned to Skule for the event. Learn what brought them back. View pictures from Spring Reunion and other alumni events.

How a Natural Resource can be Good for Manufacturing - and the Environment

Nobody wants bark. Even in the context of healthy trees harvested by the forestry industry, bark is considered waste. In sawmills it’s either burned - inefficiently - for heat after the rest of the tree has been processed or simply thrown away. Where everyone else sees waste, Professor Ning Yan (U of T's Faculty of Forestry and cross-appointed to our department) sees opportunity. Read full story.


June 11, 2015

Volume 32, Issue 22

In this issue:

Grad Office
Research Office
Chem Eng Events


Grad Office


PhD Reading Committee Meeting - S. G. Govindarajan

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, June 17 in WB407 at 11am
Committee: Chair: Prof. C. Q. Jia; Supervisor: Prof. V. G. Papangelakis, Co-Supervisor: Prof. R. Mahadevan; Other Member(s): Prof. E. A. Edwards


Research Office


Genome Canada’s Disruptive Innovation in Genomics Competition

Genome Canada has launched a Request for Applications (RFA) and is seeking proposals for research projects which focus on disruptive innovations in genomics.

For the purposes of this competition, a disruptive innovation must be either a new genomics technology or the application of an existing technology from another field, applied to the field of genomics. The innovation must be truly transformative in that it has the potential to either displace an existing technology, disrupt an existing market or create a new market. A disruptive innovation offers the capability to do things not previously possible and is not an incremental improvement of an existing technology.

There is approximately $15 million available for this competition from Genome Canada. To learn more about the funding breakdown, co-funding requirements and eligibility, participate in Genome Canada's information webinar on Tuesday, June 16 from 3-3:30pm.

The RFA and further information can be found here. Please note that registrations are due to OGI on Wednesday, August 5.

If you are interested in applying for this competition, please contact Meredith McLaren at mmclaren@ontariogenomics.ca to discuss further details.

NSERC Discovery Grant (NOI) Notice of Intent

As we approach the 2016 NSERC Discovery Grant competition, we wanted to inform all eligible NSERC Discovery grant applicants of the upcoming mandatory Notice of Intent (NOI). NSERC has recently contacted all known potential applicants directly (including researchers on their last instalment of a Discovery Grant, or who applied unsuccessfully in the 2015 competition) to remind them of the upcoming Monday, August 3, 8pm EST NOI deadline. 

Additional information about the NSERC Discovery Grant process and the deadlines can be found at the Discovery Grants Program webpage.

The mandatory Notice of Intent form for the 2016 Discovery Grant competition is now available through the new NSERC Research Portal. In order to apply for a Discovery Grant in November 2015, an applicant MUST complete and submit an online Notice of Intent by 8pm EST on Monday, August 3. If you do not submit a Notice of Intent by the deadline, you will NOT be eligible to apply in November for a 2016 Discovery Grant.

In addition, please note that we will be holding an information session on Wednesday, July 15 from 1-3pm in Room 6 (Imperial Oil Room), Tanz Neuroscience Building, 6 Queen’s Park Crescent West. Please RSVP by July 13, 2015 to Joanna Baylon, RFA, Research Services; 416-978-2525, joanna.baylon@utoronto.ca. This session will cover the Notice of Intent, program requirements, eligibility requirements, changes for this year’s competition (Research Portal and Canadian Common CV), evaluation criteria and proposal development.  

For details on the submission and approval process, including internal deadlines, required signatures and information sessions, please see the Research Services webpage.


The PM 10 fraction of road dust in the UK and India: Characterization, source profiles and oxidative potential
Pant, P.; Baker, S.J.; Shukla, A.; Maikawa, C.; Godri Pollitt, K.J.; Harrison, R.M.
Science of the Total Environment 2015, in press




Acting Chair

Professor Mark Kortschot will serve as Acting Chair on Thursday, June 18 and Friday, June 19.

CEGSA Semi-Formal

There's still four more faculty/staff tickets left for the CEGSA Semi-Formal on Friday, June 26. If you're a faculty or staff member interested in attending, contact Jen Hsu (jennifer.hsu@utoronto.ca) at your earliest convenience.


Chem Eng Events

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June 15, 2015 - Spring Convocation


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