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Preparing future engineers: U of T Engineering to launch new transdisciplinary institute

U of T Engineering’s newest research institute answers a challenging question: how should we prepare the next generation of engineering leaders for the world they will face in 2050? The Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice (ISTEP) was approved by the University’s Governing Council earlier this month, and will begin operations Sunday, July 1. Professor Greg Evans will serve as the institute’s interim director. Read more.

U of T Engineering professor and alumni receive Ontario Professional Engineers Awards

Three U of T Engineers have been honoured by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) with Ontario Professional Engineers Awards. Among the pack is David Beckman (ChemE MASc 8T1) who garnered the Entrepreneurship Medal, which recognizes an engineer who has applied new technologies or innovative approaches enabling new companies to get started. Read more.

Special talk on Fri, Jun 1

Dr. Dennis Clegg from the University of California, Santa Barbara will be giving a talk entitled, Bioengineering a Cellular Therapy for Eye Disease. The talk will take on Friday, June 1 from 11am to 12pm in room 250 of the Donnelly Centre located at 160 College Street.

Special talk on Tue, Jun 5

Dr. Nigel Guilford (ChemE PhD 1T7) from Guilford and Associates Inc. will be giving a talk entitled, Solid Waste Management: Engineers, Garbage, Public Policy, and Economics. The talk will take place on Tuesday, June 5 from 11am to 12pm in WB215.

Special talk on Wed, Jun 6

Professor Hani Naguib, director of the Toronto Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, will be giving a talk entitled, Hierarchical Manufacturing Platform of Smart Materials from Self Assembly to E-Skins. The talk will take place on Wednesday, June 6 from 11am to 12pm in WB219.

BioZone Seminar on Fri, Jun 8

Professor Christof Holliger from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland will be giving a talk entitled, Organohalide respiration with chloroethenes: From fundamentals to application. The talk will take place on Friday, June 8 from 10-11am in WB407.

REMINDER: CSChE 2018 abstracts due on Mon, Jun 18

The deadline for CSChE 2018 abstracts has been extended to Monday, June 18! Submit an abstract to be considered for an oral or poster presentation. Graduate students can also submit an Elevator Pitch or Business Pitch abstract for the 3-Minute Pitch Competition. Click here to submit.

REMINDER: MEng project in bioprocess and waste treatment

Fundamentals of Electro-dewatering of Pulp and Paper Sludge: Investigating the Effect of Conductivity, is looking to recruit an MEng student for the summer. Interested MEng students should send their CV and copy of their transcripts (unofficial is fine) to Prof. Grant Allen (dgrant.allen@utoronto.ca) and Dr. Torsten Meyer (torsten.meyer@utoronto.ca).


May 25, 2018

Volume 35, Issue 19

In this issue:

Grad Office


Grad Office


PhD Reading Committee Meeting – G. Kolliopoulos

Date of Meeting: Tuesday, May 29
Start Time: 12pm
Location (Building and Room): WB215
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. D. W. Kirk; Supervisor: Prof. V. G. Papangelakis; Other Member(s): Prof. C. Q. Jia

PhD Reading Committee Meeting – Junnan Shangguan

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, May 30
Start Time: 10am
Location (Building and Room): WB115
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. B. A. Saville; Supervisor: Prof. Y-H. C. Chin;
Other Member(s): Prof. C. A. Mims

PhD Reading Committee Meeting – Ka Yee Lam

Date of Meeting: Friday, June 1
Start Time: 10am
Location (Building and Room): WB407
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. E. A. Edwards; Supervisor: Prof. E. Passeport; Other Member(s): Prof. S. Andrews (Civil)

PhD Departmental Oral Examination – Johnathon Caguiat

Date of Meeting: Monday, May 28
Start Time: 10am
Location (Building and Room): WB215
Committee: Chair: Prof. D. W. Kirk; Supervisor: Prof. C. Q. Jia; Other Member(s): Prof. M. Sain, Prof. C. M. Yip

PhD Departmental Oral Examination – Jaclyn Obermeyer

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, May 30
Start Time: 1pm
Location (Building and Room): WB115
Committee: Chair: Prof. C. M. Yip; Supervisor: Prof. M. Shoichet; Other Member(s): Prof. C. Morshead, Prof. M. Sefton

Upcoming SGS Sessional Dates

Wednesday, May 30: Payment deadline to avoid service charges on unpaid summer session (May to August) tuition and non-tuition fee amounts for all students registered in the summer session, except for those who have successfully registered without payment because they are receiving a full funding package via a research stipend, a major award or scholarship, teaching assistantships, tuition waiver and/or sponsorships. Monthly service charges will incur starting Friday, June 15.


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