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Connaught Funds Research at Chemical Engineering

Eleven U of T researchers have been awarded a grand total of $933,800 from the university’s own research funding source, the Connaught Fund. ChemE Professors Edgar Acosta and Krishna Mahadevan are among these 11 researchers. Professor Acosta’s project is entitled, “Microencapsulated self-microemulsifying drug delivery system” and Professor Mahadevan’s project is called, “Production of bio-based 1,3-butanediol.”


The Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) allows researchers ready access to state-of-the-art surface analytical equipment (including X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS),  Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and Atomic Force Microscopy-Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-IR) and electron microscopic techniques (SEM, TEM and FIB capabilities) as well as the related expertise, thereby providing enabling information for the many disciplines involved in advanced materials research. Learn more about the centre from its new website.

Three Students Win Varsity Blues Achievement Awards

This year, three students from Chemical Engineering received Varsity Blues Achievement Awards. Caitlin Laura Maikawa (1T6) was recognized in women's hockey, Nicole Lynn Parkes (1T7) in women's soccer, and Oluwaseun Olutogun (1T8) in men's basketball.


February 20, 2015

Volume 32, Issue 6

In this issue:

Departmental Offices
Chem Eng Events


Departmental Offices


Grad Office

PhD Qualifying Examination – T. Kim
Date of Meeting: February 23, 2015 in WB215 at 10:00 am
Committee: Chair: Prof. B. A. Saville; Supervisor: Prof. A. Yakunin, Prof. R. Mahadevan; Other Member(s): Prof. D. G. Allen, Prof. A. Savchenko

PhD DEPARTMENTAL ORAL – M. Foumani Alhaeri
Date of Meeting: February 24, 2015 in WB115 at 12:00 pm
Committee: Chair: Prof. A. Yakunin; Supervisor(s): Prof. E. Master; Other Member(s): Prof. B. A. Saville, Prof. N. Yan

Graduate Awards
2015-2016 Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) nomination
Ontario Trillium Scholarships (Value/Duration: $40,000 renewable for total of 4 years) is available for nomination. Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry will be nominating TWO International applicants to SGS for 2015-2016. Faculty nomination deadline to graduate office: February 23, 2015.

2015-2016 Ontario Scholarship (OGS)
Completed application must be submitted online by April 1, 2015 for both domestic and international students. Please refer to the 2015-16 OGS online application instructions while completing your application.

2015-2016 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST)
In order to be considered for QEII-GSST in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, applicants must submit an OGS application online by April 1. 2015.

Frank Howard Guest Bursary is accepting applications.
Value: 2 awards, $5,000 each
Application Deadline: 5:00 pm on February 23, 2015

Department Awards (deadline of 5:00 pm on March 5, 2015)
1. Eco-Tec Founder's Fellowship (2 awards, $2,000 each)
2. Edward Jarvis Tyrrell Fellowship (2 awards, $$2,000 each)
3. Helen L Cross (nee Colquhuon) Memorial Graduate Scholarship (2 awards, $1,500 each)
4. W. H. Rapson Memorial Award (2 awards, $1,250)
5. William Graydon Memorial Fellowship (1 award, $1,250)

Important Note
February 23, 2015: Final date to drop full-year and Winter session courses without academic penalty.

Research Office

Canada-Brazil Awards - Joint Research Projects DEADLINE EXTENDED
The Canada-Brazil Awards - Joint Research Projects provide scholarships for exchanges of researchers and graduate students in support of reciprocal, team-based research projects.

Description: The objective of this scholarship program is to support team-oriented research projects between Canadian and Brazilian universities in key areas of mutual cooperation. It is open to research projects taking place July 2015 to August 2017. Up to five graduate students per team per year can be supported. Interested Canadian institutions are encouraged to contact potential Brazilian partners as soon as possible, and to notify Research Services in order to obtain the required institutional documentation.

Who Applies: The Canadian faculty member who will take on the role of Canadian Project Lead applies for funding for the Canadian team. Their unit must agree to waive tuition fees for any Brazilian students they will host.

Internal Deadline (MRA): April 24, 2015
Sponsor Deadline (extended): April 30, 2015

Project activities should be scheduled over 24 months and must begin between July 2, 2015, and February 1, 2016. The scholarship value is:

  • $2,700 CAN for the Canadian Project lead for a minimum period of seven days; $7,200 CAN for Canadian project members for research exchanges of four months; or
  • $9,700 CAN for Canadian project members for research exchanges of five to six months.

For those that intend to apply to this call please notify Sarah Scott by April 2, 2105. Click here for more info.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation - 2015 Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program (HIIFP)
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has announced the 2015 competition for the Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program (HIIFP) which enourages basic and applied research in transportation infrastructure in Ontario.

This program solicits innovations from institutions to assist the Ontario Government in meeting selected challenges in developing the future of Ontario's transportation infrastructure.  The Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program strongly encourages the involvement of undergraduate and graduate research in transportation and infrastructure engineering.

The award provides a total of $1,000,000 for direct and indirect (up to 25%) costs in this year's competition.  The ultimate goal of the program is to challenge Ontario's academic community to contribute to transportation infrastructure solutions in a number of areas including traffic operations, intelligent transportation systems, engineering materials, highway design, environmental, geomatics, bridges, construction and maintenance.

Internal Deadline: April 1, 2105 (via My Research On Line - MROL)
Sponsor Deadline: April 10, 2105 (2:30pm EST)

Additional Information on the HIIFP program can be found here.

Smouldering combustion as a treatment technology for faeces: Exploring the parameter space
Yermán, L.,; Hadden, R.M.; Carrascal, J.; Fabris, I.; Cormier, D.; Torero, J.L.;
Gerhard, J.I.; Krajcovic, M.; Pironi, P.; Cheng, Y.-L.
Fuel 2015, 147 pp. 108-116.

Effect of carbon nanotube loadings on supercapacitor characteristics
Huang, N.; Kirk, D.W.; Thorpe, S.J.; Liang, C.; Xu, L.; Li, W.; Zhang, S.; Sun, M.
International Journal of Energy Research, 39 (3) pp. 336-343.

Corrigendum to "Anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill wastewater and sludge" [Water Res. 65 (2014) 321-349]
Meyer, T.; Edwards, E.A.
Water Research, 68 p. 849




Close Windows

Property Management wants to stress the urgency to keep windows in the Wallberg Building closed during extreme weather conditions. Last night Campus Police found a window open on the 3rd floor. Freeze ups can cause major damage and expensive clean up. Please ensure all windows in your area are closed before you leave for the night.


Chem Eng Events

Click here for the Chem Eng Calendar


March 4, 2015 - Emerging Leaders, Dr. Justin Notestein, Northwestern University, Understanding and implementing new oxide catalysts, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 11, 2015 - Emerging Leaders, Dr. Nathalie Tufenkji, McGill University, Myth or Fact: Can Drinking Cranberry Juice Help Prevent Urinary Tract and Other Infections?, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 18, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Alison Lewis, University of Cape Town, Rethinking Precipitation Processes: The Art of the State, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 27, 2015 - 30th Annual Chemical Engineering Dinner, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Chestnut Street Residence, for tickets visit http://my.alumni.utoronto.ca/2015chemeng

March 25, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Ponisseril Somasundaran, Columbia University, Next Generation Sustainable Surface Active Agents, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

April 1, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Yu-Ling Cheng, University of Toronto, Technologies for global development and global health, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

May 30, 2015 - Spring Reunion Chemical Engineering Lunch & Tour, 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, Wallberg Building

June 15, 2015 - Spring Convocation


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