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$4.6 million in funding for the new Ontario Centre for Characterization of Advanced Materials

The Government of Canada has awarded $4.6 million in funding for the new Ontario Centre for Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) to be housed in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced a total of $33 million from its Leading Edge Fund and New Initiatives Fund in support of world-class research at the University of Toronto.

“Our primary purpose is to provide the latest tools in the investigation of advanced materials that enable technologies vital to Canadian economic competitiveness and quality of life,” said Charles Mims, OCCAM’s principle investigator and professor of chemical engineering and applied chemistry at U of T. “Understanding materials properties and their relationship to performance is the key factor in ensuring the longevity and safety of technological areas such as renewable energy, and health and biomedical devices.”

OCCAM is a collaborative effort between researchers from the U of T departments of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) and Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), as well as many industrial partners and spin-off companies. This new centre further enhances and brings together the ongoing interdisciplinary research portfolio of the Surface Interface (SI) Ontario group led by Professor Charles Mims in ChemE and the Electron Microscopy facility led by Professor Doug D. Perovic in MSE.

January 21, 2013

Volume 30, Issue 2

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Research News
Chem Eng Events


Research News



  • NSERC partners with São Paulo, Brazil with its CREATE and Strategic Project Grant programs
    A new agreement has just been established between NSERC and the Research Foundation for the State of São Paulo, la Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP), which provides researchers in Canada and the state of São Paulo with opportunities to collaborate under NSERC's Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program, and/or Strategic Project Grants (SPG) program. Collaborations are possible for existing CREATE grant holders, new applicants to CREATE, or those applying to the Strategic Project Grants program and can fall under one (or more) of the following priority areas:

    1. Environmental science and technologies
    2. Natural resources and energy
    3. Manufacturing
    4. Information and communications technologies

    FAPESP will provide up to $10,000 CAD per year, for up to four years, to cover travel expenses, plus two BEPE (Research Internship Abroad) awards per year for FAPESP funded doctoral students or Postdoctoral fellows, to allow researchers from Sao Paulo to develop joint research based training activities with Canadian researchers.  Canadian grantees will use their CREATE funds to support the Canadian side of the collaboration. More details, including how to apply, are available on our Research Funding Opportunities web site and NSERC's web site.

  • NSERC Strategic Project Grants (SPG)
    A new stream aimed at collaboration between researchers in Canada and São Paulo is expected to be added to the NSERC Strategic Project Grants Program in the 2013 competition.  NSERC is finalizing the details and will provide more information in January 2013, which will be available on our Research Funding Opportunities web site and on NSERC's web site.






  • Johnson Matthey is Hiring
    Johnson Matthey is a large international ChemE/MSE firm based in UK. They have eight vacancies right now for ChemEs with PhDs. For more information, click here.
  • Faculty Administrative Staff Awards
    The deadline for Administrative Staff Awards is quickly approaching. If you've been approached to help out with a letter of support, please submit your letter to Paul Jowlabar or Jennifer Hsu by January 28, 2013.
  • Professor Emeritus Publishes New Book
    Frank R. Foulkes recently published a new book entitled, Physical Chemistry for Engineering and Applied Sciences. For more information, click here.

Grad Office

  • Graduate Research Weekend (January 31 - February 3): Professors interested in meeting prospective grad students are encouraged to take part in GRW 2013. To register, click here.
  • Grad Office Hours for Wednesday, January 23, 2013: 2pm to 5pm
  • How to Become an Outstanding Graduate Student Seminar Series:
    Prof. Honghi Tran
    Topic: How to Write an Effective Technical Report
    Where: WB116
    When: January 23, 2013 - 12:00 pm to 1 pm
  • Scholarships now open for applications:
    Scotia Bank Ecoliving Award
    2013-2014 Weston Travel Award (For Doctoral Students)
  • Deadlines
    • January 21: Final date to add Winter session courses
    • January 25: Final date to submit final doctoral thesis for March Convocation in absentia
    • For M.Eng. students: If you have finished your program in Fall 2012 and request June 2013 convocation or March 2013 degree certificate by mail, submit an email to Pauline Martini at grad.chemeng@utoronto.ca to review your file as soon as possible.
      January 25: Students completing a project need to complete the Oral defense and confirmation of final corrections to the project.
    • For M.A.Sc. students: If you complete your program in Fall 2012 and request June 2013 convocation or March 2013 degree certificate by mail.
      January 25: Deadline for your supervisor to submit confirmation that your final thesis corrections are made.

Chem Eng Events

Click here for the Chem Eng Calendar


January 30, 2013 - LLE: Janet Jansson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Omics Analysis of the Impact of Thaw on Permafrost Microbiomes, WB116, 12:30-2pm

January 31 to February 3, 2013 - GRW: Professors interested in meeting prospective grad students are encouraged to take part in GRW 2013. To register, click here.


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