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Share your career experience with ChemE students

calmChemE undergraduate students are hosting several career development events and are looking for alumni from various sectors to share their knowledge. If you or an alumnus you know would be interested in participating in the events below, please visit our Department events calendar for registration details, or contact christina.heidorn@utoronto.ca.

Chem-Connect Alumni Mentorship Kick-Off, Jan 21
Share career advice, help students develop LinkedIn profiles and more.

Ace the Interview, Jan 30
Conduct mock interviews with students and tell them what you look for in an employee.

CSChE Industry Sector Night, Feb 4
Do you work in the pulp & paper, mining, oil & gas, or supply chain sectors? Share your knowledge of possible career paths with students eager to learn about your field.



Jan 16, 2015

Volume 32, Issue 2

In this issue:

Departmental Offices
Chem Eng Events


Departmental Offices


Research Office

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) - Call for Proposals

EMSL is a national scientific user facility that is funded and sponsored by U. S. Department of Energy's Office of Biological & Environmental Research. This ESML Call offers two opportunities for proposed research projects:

  1. Science Theme Research
  2. JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science Initiative

Researchers are encouraged to submit proposals for molecular-scale research that address specific selected topics in EMSL’s science themes to accelerate results in emerging science areas of interest to EMSL, the Office of Biological and Environmental Research and the Department of Energy. Details regarding this year’s focused topics, as well as contact information and links to the review criteria and proposal package guidance for this Call, are available at: http://www.emsl.pnl.gov/emslweb/call-fy16-science-theme-research.

UofT Researchers are requested to advise the Innovations and Partnerships Office at innovations.partnerships@utoronto.ca of their intention to submit an application at least one day before the respective INTERNAL deadlines.

1. Science Theme Research
Internal Deadline: Feb 23, 3015
Sponsor Deadline: Mar 2, 2015

Proposals may be submitted at any time via the User Portal until Mar 2, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).

EMSL is seeking leading-edge research activities that will advance scientific understanding within each of EMSL’s Science Themes on the following focused topics:
(a) Atmospheric Aerosol Systems
(b) Biosystem Dynamics and Design
(c) Energy Materials and Processes
(d) Terrestrial and Subsurface Ecosystems

These topics are developed to focus user activities on accelerating results in emerging science areas of interest to EMSL, the Office of Biological and Environmental Research and the Department of Energy. Accepted proposals are valid for two years provided that a summary and extension request demonstrate sufficient progress toward the stated goals for the first year. A select number of lead investigators may be invited to submit project plans to extend the work for a third year.

2. JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science Initiative
Internal Deadline: Mar 30, 3015
Sponsor Deadline: Apr 6, 2015

This Initiative represents a unique opportunity for researchers to combine the power of genomics at the Joint Genome Institute and molecular characterization at EMSL in one proposed research project. Both user facilities, which are stewarded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research, play critical roles in supporting DOE's energy, environment and basic research missions. Successful applications will focus on high risk/high payoff projects in the focused topic areas that can be completed on an accelerated timeline as compared to the standard CSP or science theme projects. In addition, they must utilize a broad range of the capabilities of each facility, and generate datasets beyond what each of these facilities could generate by itself.

Letters of Intent for the JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science Call may be submitted at any time via the EMSL User Portal until Apr 6, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Questions regarding EMSL's user program or specifics about either of the Call opportunities may be directed to the User Support Office (509-371-6003, emsl@pnnl.gov).


The effect of light direction and suspended cell concentrations on algal biofilm growth rates
Schnurr, P.J.; Espie, G.S.; Allen, D.G.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2014, 98 (20) pp. 8553-8562

The effect of viscosity ratio on the hydrodynamics of separation from an oil-coated particle
Mehrabian, S.; Abbaspour, N.; Bussmann, M.; Acosta, E.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fluids Engineering Division (Publication) FEDSM 2014, 1A

Graduate Office

Ph.D. Reading Committee – N. Thavandiran
Date of Meeting: Friday, January 23, 2015 in CCBR 11th Fl. - Conference Room
Committee: Chair: Prof. M. V. Sefton; Supervisor: Prof. P. Zandstra, Prof. M. Radisic; Other Member(s): Prof. P. Backx (Physiology), Prof. G. Keller (Medical Biophysics), Prof. M. Shoichet

*** Mon, Jan 19, 2015: Final date to add Winter session courses??***




Iron Ring - Information Sessions with Wardens

Students who will be graduating this Spring and who did not attend the first information session should attend the session on Thurs, Jan 22, 2015, 6:00PM-7:00PM in MC102.

Grand Challenges Canada - 2015 Summer Student Program

Grand Challenges Canada is now accepting applications for their summer student program. for more information visit the website. Application deadline: Jan 23, 2015.



Chem Eng Events

Click here for the Chem Eng Calendar


January 28, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo, Unravelling the Complexities of Electrochemical Energy Storage at the Nanoscale, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

February 4, 2015 - LLE, Dr. John Brady, California Institute of Technology, Chemical Swimming and Active Matter, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

February 6, 2014 - Graduate Research Days, Hart House and Wallberg Building, 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

February 6, 2014 - Industry Open House, Hart House and Wallberg Building, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

February 11, 2015 - Emerging Leaders, Dr. Antoine Allanore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrochemical engineering for sustainable materials extraction: the promises and challenges of molten electrolytes, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 4, 2015 - Emerging Leaders, Dr. Justin Notestein, Northwestern University, Understanding and implementing new oxide catalysts, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 11, 2015 - Emerging Leaders, Dr. Nathalie Tufenkji, McGill University, Myth or Fact: Can Drinking Cranberry Juice Help Prevent Urinary Tract and Other Infections?, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 18, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Alison Lewis, University of Cape Town, Rethinking Precipitation Processes: The Art of the State, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

March 27, 2015 - 30th Annual Chemical Engineering Dinner, Chestnut Centre, tickets available soon

March 25, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Ponisseril Somasundaran, Columbia University, Next Generation Sustainable Surface Active Agents, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116

April 1, 2015 - LLE, Dr. Yu-Ling Cheng, University of Toronto, Technologies for global development and global health, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, WB116


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