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Welcome Erin Bobicki

Erin BobickiThis week Assistant Professor Erin Bobicki started in our Department. She is cross-appointed to MSE. Erin completed her PhD at the University of Alberta, where she studied mineral processing and carbon sequestration, before spending two years working at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. She aims to improve the sustainability of mining operations by developing novel techniques for mineral processing that reduce energy and water use, as well as the overall environmental impact.

Greg Evans presenting at next LLE on Wed, Jan 11

On Wednesday, January 11 from 12-1pm in WB116, our very own Greg Evans will be giving the LLE presentation. His talk entitled, Teaching Learning by Learning Teaching: What I've Learned and Wish I'd Known, will provide his personal insight into the future of engineering education and how teaching could evolve for the betterment of students, professors and institution. Note: A pizza lunch with Greg will follow from 1-2pm in WB215.

Graduate Research Days (GRD) and registration

Professors, please remember to register your group for GRD's various ChemE activities taking place on Friday, February 24. To register, visit http://www.chem-eng.utoronto.ca/grd-2017-registration

Paper, not plastic: leveraging microbial genes to make greener materials

A research project led by Professor Emma Master aims to develop a new generation of sustainable, wood-derived materials for a wide range of everyday applications, including food packaging and bio-based adhesives for building construction. To do so, the team is looking in some unlikely places, from rotting logs to the stomachs of moose and beavers. Read full story.

U of T to offer “first in Canada” certificate in forensic engineering

U of T has announced that it will be offering a new certificate in forensic engineering, something the university calls a “first in Canada.” Students will examine physical evidence using sophisticated lab equipment at the Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials (OCCAM), jointly operated by ChemE and MSE. OCCAM’s scanning electron microscopes are a powerful tool for forensic engineers; they can produce high-resolution images of a fracture surface, which can help identify the fracture origin and indicate the mode and mechanism of failure, the university explained. Read full story.

Lewis Urry, a true Canadian innovator

In 1959, the late Lewis Urry (ChemE 5T0) invented the zinc manganese dioxide alkaline battery. It remains one of the most significant advancements in the battery’s history. Urry, who worked for Toronto-based Canadian National Carbon Co. at the time, was tasked with discovering a way to extend the life span of the commonly used zinc-carbon battery. He took a novel approach to the problem: he tested cells that used acid-neutralizing or ‘alkaline’ materials. Read more in the Globe and Mail‘s profile of Lewis Urry, as part of its series of articles on Canadian inventors.

EWH 2017 Symposium: Origins and Opportunities

The annual Engineering World Health (EWH) Symposium will take place this year on Friday, January 20 from 8:30am to 5:30pm on the St. George Campus (rooms TBD). The Symposium aims to expose the U of T community to current global health initiatives. This year’s theme is Origins and Opportunities, where speakers will share inspiring stories of how ideas emerged and strategies to maximize impact of new technologies in the future. The symposium spans a full day of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, and a poster session. Participants do not have to register for the full day (individual session registration available). For more information and to register or submit a poster, please visit EWHSymp.eventbrite.ca!

Recent publications and presentations

E.J.T. McGee, A.R. Sangakkara, L.L. Diosady. (2017) Double fortification of salt with folic acid and iodine. Journal of Food Engineering,198, 72-80.

E.J.T. McGee, L.L. Diosady. (2016) Investigation of Discolouration of Packaged Fortified Salt Under Conditions Relevant to Product Packaging and Storage. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 7, 1221-1231.

E. McGee*, L. Diosady. “Fortification of Tea with Iron,” International Conference on Food Chemistry and Hydrocolloids. Toronto, ON, Canada; August 11, 2016. Oral Presentation

Note: If you have any recent publications or conference presentations that you would like listed in Chem Eng News, please email them to jennifer.hsu@utoronto.ca

REMINDER: RFPs for DEEP instructors now open

The Engineering Outreach Office is now taking Request for Proposals (RFP) for DEEP instructors for the 2017 summer program. The office is looking for graduate students interested in sharing their research and providing a unique, hands-on experience for the high school students who participate in DEEP. Click here for RFP instructions. The RFP closes Tuesday, January 24. Any questions should be directed to Dawn Britton at dawwb@ecf.utoronto.ca. Since it began in 2003, DEEP has brought together over 10,000 students to explore some of the most innovative topics in engineering and science today—taught by some of our Faculty’s top alumni, PhD candidates, and Master’s and undergraduate students. The program is designed to expose bright young minds to concepts usually presented in the upper years of an undergraduate degree or in graduate school. To learn more about DEEP, visit http://deepsummeracademy.com

REMINDER: Call for nominations - FASE Adminstrative Staff Awards

If you would like to be considered for a Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Administrative Staff Award, please contact jennifer.hsu@utoronto.ca at your earliest convenience. The Department will work with you to determine the award you are best suited for and will project manage the assembly of your nomination due on Monday, February 6.

REMINDER: Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream - Laboratories in Chemical Engineering - Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry - 1601754

The Department is looking to fill the above titled position. If you know anyone who might be interested and qualified, have them visit https://utoronto.taleo.net/careersection/10050/jobdetail.ftl?job=1601754


January 6, 2017

Volume 34, Issue 1

In this issue:

Grad Office


Grad Office


PhD Reading Committee Meeting – Sachin Goel

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, Januray 11
Start Time: 2:30pm
Location (Building and Room): WB115
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. E. Acosta; Supervisor: Prof. A. Ramchandran; Other Member(s): Prof. David Sinton (MIE)

PhD Reading Committee Meeting – Ayman El-Zoka

Date of Meeting: Wednesday, January 11
Start Time: 12pm
Location (Building and Room): WB407
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. D. W. Kirk; Supervisor: Prof. R. Newman; Co-Supervisor: Prof. D. Perovic; Other Member(s): Prof. U. Erb (MSE)

PhD Reading Committee Meeting – A. Stammitti Scarpone

Date of Meeting: Thursday, January 12
Start Time: 12pm
Location (Building and Room): WB115
Reading Committee Membership
Committee: Chair: Prof. A. Ramchandran; Supervisor: Prof. E. Acosta; Other Member(s): Prof. B. Sleep (CIV)

PhD Departmental Oral Examination – Ruoyu Yan

Date of Meeting: Thursday, January 12
Start Time: 3pm
Location (Building and Room): TBD
PhD Departmental Oral Examination Committee Membership
Chair: Prof. A. Yakunin; Supervisor: Prof. E. Master; Other Member(s): Prof. E. A. Edwards, Prof. B. A. Saville

* PhD and MASc Departmental Oral Exams are open to all Graduate students

Upcoming Awards & Scholarships

Remember to check the Awards & Scholarships page frequently for upcoming application deadlines.

C. David Naylor University Fellowships – Deadline: Tuesday, January 10
Submit application to the Grad Office now located in WB216A


Wednesday, January 18: Fall 2016 session grades available for viewing by students on Student Web Service (ROSI/ACORN)



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Wednesday, January 11 - LLE - Teaching Learning by Learning Teaching: What I’ve Learned and Wish I’d Known, Greg Evans, University of Toronto, 12-1pm, WB116

Wednesday, February 1 - LLE - Linking Tailpipe to Ambient: Atmospheric Evolution of Combustion Emissions, Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University, 12-1pm, WB116

Wednesday, February 15 - LLE - Reinventing the Toilet: Tapping Innovators to Birth a Billion Dollar Industry That Will Change the World, Brian Arbogast, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 12-1pm, WB116

Friday, February 24 - GRD - poster session in Great Hall, Hart House, 9:45am-12:45pm; interviews various offices, 12:45-3:45pm; lab tours, 3:45-5pm; register online at http://www.chem-eng.utoronto.ca/grd-2017-registration/

Wednesday, March 15 - LLE - How Biofilm Processes Open New Opportunities in Environmental Biotechnology, Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University, 12-1pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 22 - LLE - The Photophysics of Optoelectronic Materials, Neil Greenham, University of Cambridge, 12-1pm, WB116

Wednesday, March 29 - LLE - The Role of Food Science and Engineering in Food Security, Rickey Yada, University of British Columbia, 12-1pm, WB116

Friday, April 7 - 32nd Annual Chemical Engineering Dinner - details coming soon


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